+ How does your service work?

Oohla is a children dresses and accessories rental service that offers flexible access for parents and children. Once you sign up, you can fill out a quick profile to share with us the styles of dresses and accessories that you and your kid love! Your chest comes with 5-7 pieces including dresses and accessories. We offer both play-as-you-go and subscription options. You can purchase anything you love at a discount and send back the rest with our prepaid shipping bag.

+ What is included in each chest?

Each chest has 5-7 pieces including dresses and accessories based on your style preferences.

+ How long can I keep the chest?

For the play-as-you-go plan, you can keep the chest for 14 days. If you choose the one-chest-per-month plan, you can keep the chest for 30 days. If you choose the unlimited plan, you can keep the pieces for as long as you'd like and exchange as often as you'd like!

+ What are your subscription plans?

We offer three flexible plans. For $39 a month, you will get one chest per month. For $49, you will get one chest with no subcription needed. For $59 a month, you will have unlimited access as often as you'd like. When you're done with your chest, simply send it back to us using our prepaid shipping bag.

+ How do I purchase an item from my chest?

If you'd like to purchase an item, simply keep the one you want to buy and send back the rest. You can find the price list of all the items inside your chest. Your credit card will be charged once the remaining items are returned. An additional discount will be given if you keep the whole chest.

+ Are your dresses and accessories clean?

Absolutely. All of our dresses are thoroughly washed, steamed, and checked before we ship them out. All accessories are also thorougly cleaned and sanitized before they are sent.

+ Do I need to wash and clean the pieces before sending them back?

No. We know how busy parents are and we handle the cleaning of all dresses and accessories. Simply send back them on the prepaid bag and we will take care of the laundry!

+ What if something doesn't fit?

We personalize your chest based on your kid's size and preference. If something doesn't fit, send us an email at help@oohla.co and we will build you a new chest.

+ What if my kid accidentally damage or break the piece?

We understand it happens! Your membership fee covers normal wears. However, excessive damage is not covered and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis once the item is returned.

+ How do I pause, change, or cancel my plan?

Send us an email at help@oohla.co and our team will work on your request.

+ What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. You must submit your cancellation request to help@oohla.co at least five days before your next billing cycle.